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Tec Gold is your finance solution for the real and virtual worlds.
The ultimate standard, your ultimate asset.

A global trend emerged following the inception and subsequent growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This trend confirms the inexorable shift towards a deregulated money market set within online-connected financial communities. Now the race is on for a transnational digital payment solution to meet global and local financial needs and aspirations, free from instability and environmentally responsible.

SGC’s creators have ensured they are at the forefront of this race by launching the ultimate in secure, stable and usable cryptocurrency. The creators of SGC bring you a revolutionary concept that combines gold and crypto to deliver the most stable cryptocurrency on the market Our focus is on security, usability, stability.


Phase 1

The preliminary period in which a global community of coin owners/holders is built across the globe, with the SGC MasterCard instilling confidence by delivering an element of liquidity, allowing users to spend the value of gold backing their coins.


Phase 2

Leveraging the demand and profile built for SGC through phase 1, this period will be defined by facilitating the global trade of goods and services between coin holders and merchants through e-commerce platforms, demonstrating the potential of transnational cryptocurrency.


Phase 3

Once an optimum internal trading volume between the company and merchants is reached, SGC will go live on an exchange featuring the top cryptocurrencies in the market. This will complete the third and final phase of our roadmap.

Dr. Parwiz Daud

Dr Parwiz Daud is a medical doctor and a successful serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business from London, United Kingdom.

Dr Daud is a Master of Science graduated from the University of Leicester in 2015. As a visionary, his commitment was always to improve the state of humanity. He believes that we can make a more significant impact on the human condition by improving their financial economy.

Now as founder and CEO of SGC Dr Daud has begun his journey to empower local, national and international communities by providing access to a global economy through a medium that is easily accessible, globally usable, vastly stable and profoundly secure with all the added benefits cryptocurrencies have to offer.


SGC proves that a secure financial future need not cost us the earth. SGC is an Earth-sustaining currency for the Anthropocene age. SGC maintains a highly energy efficient blockchain, consuming a mere fraction of the energy traditional proof of work blockchain currencies require. This gives you peace of mind, with the knowledge that your secure financial future is not compromising the needs of our environment. SGC achieves this by combining the stability and permanence of gold with the technological superiority of cryptocurrency.


SGC is the premier gold-derived, technology-supported currency. Gold is the world’s most reliable finite precious resource, trusted over the millennia as a portable, measurable and tradable currency. SGC provides every SGC holder with their own linked, secured gold, vaulted and protected from fluctuations in fiat currencies. This ideal partnership between gold standard and ground-breaking technology produces the Secured Gold Currency – portable, tradable and secure. Available and tradable worldwide, SGC is the evolution of the gold standard, a currency embedded in gold’s intrinsic value while driven independently and in line with the broad parameters of the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency Backed by Gold

SGC delivers the millennia-tested gold standard to your workplace, your wallet, and your world. SGC’s visionary creator ensures SGC meets the highest ethical standards, answering the needs of global, financial and environmental challenges.

  • We only settle for the best with LBMA certified 24 Carat 999.9 Gold, stored within secure vaults.
  • 20 year contract of gold supply is in place for SGC, securing the future and supporting planned growth
  • SGC will operate an assured public exchange of resources during the third phase of SGC maturity.


SGC is a non-BTC reliant currency, based on gold prices and with a limited maximum release of 500M coins. This limited maximum release protects SGC holders by avoiding volatility. Robust fiscal measures ensure SGC is inflation-resistant, creating a bubble-proof protection for your finances while maximising the potential for sustainable growth in value. Resources are secure and assured, while being available via ease of use and liquidation, and attract minimised transfer and exchange rates. Every coin is backed by gold equivalent to 50% of the price of the coin at the time of release. This excludes any promotional offers from 3rd parties where it will be calculated accordingly to the promotion. The weight of gold backing each coin will be recorded on the blockchain.


Your resources working for the betterment of our world. The natural evolution of fiat currency is gold assured technology. As with traditional fiat currencies, processes are required to ensure fair dealing and lawful trading. In keeping with SGC core ethical standards, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) you can count on these rigorous financial safeguards to protect SGC from misuse. SGC brings you a secure future, combining the best from monetary traditions and the technological advances of the modern financial world. Each SGC is backed by and directly linked to a specific, unchangeable, vaulted weight of gold.


Your money, working for you across the world, wherever you are. The financial revolution is now. Access your SGC balance via secure, stable, usable mediums of exchange. Transfer money directly or make purchases with your SGC MasterCard. With the perfect combination of innovation and security – SGC is the Tec Gold financial solution in your pocket, on your phone and online. The most significant transactional platform, SGC combines ease of use with assured value and technological speed to bring you unparalleled ease of use. SGC makes your money exchanges borderless, secure, transparent, accessible, finite and incorruptible. This sophisticated, yet easy to use, borderless payment system, minimises transfer and exchange costs and keeps your money where you need it to be.


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How do you benefit as an SGC user

You are protected by a fair financial ecosystem, designed to evolve and adapt to rapidly changing global fiscal networks and advances in financial sectors. With SGC you are able to secure your wealth and your assets for the long term, while minimising the impacts of inflation, deflation and unattainable property-locked resources.

The MasterCard makes your funds uniquely accessible. You achieve instant access to your money, easy purchasing and trading, plus low cost transnational transactions and mediums of exchange. This is all made possible for you by SGC harnessing the latest and most intricate technology, combined with the solid gold standard, and delivered in a simple to use format for all SGC coin holders.

SGC Chain
Web Wallet, Explorer Release

Dear SGC supporters, the testing group is already closed and only several of you, who will be contacted soon by our team, can test the blockchain. You will receive all the necessary information concerning test-net eWallet login process. For newsletters subscription sign your email below.